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Picking Blueberries with the Fam

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Blueberries simply sing summer.

There are never enough blueberries at my house. If the kids aren’t munching on them – by the bushel it seems – then I’m baking a pie or blending a smoothie.

Our blueberry supply was running low, so it was time to head out to the blueberry field for more.

It can’t be overstated that kids need to back away from the television and electronic games more often, especially during the warm summer months. It would be such a shame to stay inside, back hunched over, staring at a screen, when the weather is so lovely.

Prime blueberry season is short in the Midwest – just two weeks. Gotta get 'em or they’re gone!

Finally Hubs and the kids were ready and we headed out the door with sunhats, shades and plenty of kid-safe bug spray and sunscreen.

We arrived with the second wave of townies--folks who arrived too late to be farmers but early enough to not be labeled city folk by the locals.

The blueberry farm was about 40 minutes outside of our town of West Lafayette, but standing amid the berry bushes with corn fields as far as my eyes could discern, it felt like an eternity away.

The best part was listening to my children tell stories as they picked, watching them compare berries – the deepest blue vs. the widest shape – all the while giggling about who would have the heaviest bag when we finished.

What's was a girl to do with all those #blueberries? We made everything from smoothies to donuts, to hand pies.

What's you're favorite blueberry dessert?


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