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How to Start a Vegetable Garden

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Growing vegetables doesn't have to be a monumental task. In fact, if you have a sunny location and good soil, you're already more than halfway there.

If you feel intimidated by vegetable gardening, just remember that humans have done it for thousands of years. You've got this!

When the temperature warms up and nights are consistently frost-free, it's time to get started planning your garden.

Here is a step-by-step guide to get you started:

Locate a sunny spot. Remember to start small. That way, you're more likely to have gains instead of disappointments.

Don't step down in the garden -- Ever. Work around it the edges. If you place your foot down it will pack the soil or worse, it might crush a baby plant. Nobody wants to be a baby plant crusher.

Start with cool weather spring veggies like lettuces, greens, and cabbages. Kale and green leaf lettuce are a great choice. If you're just getting going in the summer, try any variety of locally grown peppers. Invest in excellent garden soil the first year and mix with plenty of organic matter -- manure, compost, etc. You can cut back, cost-wise, on additional soil in subsequent years.

Buy transplants (small plants, not seeds), they are much easier to work with for newbies.

It's fun to get the whole family involved. My kids used sharpies to write the plant names on the end of plastic spoons. Hubby used a few found items in the garage to construct a place for the beans to climb. He didn't use anything fancy, just strips of wood and plastic garden fencing.

Growing your own food is as natural as eating it. You can do it!


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