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Sweet Dreams Bedroom Retreat

Hey, Vermilion Lane readers, I'm here with Jacquin from Interiors by Jacquin

Interiors by Jacquin is an interior decorating business and inspiration home décor blog. I’m glad to share this guest post today on how to turn your bedroom into your dream retreat. With these bedroom refreshers, you’ll be on your way to a well-styled and relaxing bedroom retreat!

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1. Refresh your bedroom with colorful bedding!

2. Keep fresh flowers in your room. They are guaranteed to brighten your day and add color to your space.

3. Enhance your bedtime routine with cooling foot cream or the scent of a luxurious candle

4. Make sure to utilize a nightstand in your bedroom to access your bedtime necessities with ease.

5. Keep a water carafe at your bedside. Drinking more water is good for your health & beauty and makes hydrating more convenient.

6. Make sure your toes are nice and cozy by placing a rug in your bedroom.

7. Create a relaxing retreat in your bedroom by enjoying soothing music.

8. Add a lightweight throw blanket to your bed for added convenience and comfort. There are so many stylish options!

9. Add a chic chandelier to complete your luxe bedroom! A dramatic chandelier goes a long way in achieving a well-styled bedroom retreat

I hope you’re feeling inspired to update your bedroom with these great tips! There is no time like the present to make your home your dream retreat. For more stylish interior design inspiration, stop by Interiors by Jacquin and say hello! And if you need a little assistance creating your dream retreat, Interiors by Jacquin is running a huge summer special on e-design services. Let’s get decorating!

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