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Roasted Portobello & Brie Salad

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

portobello mushrooms topped with brie, arugula, tomato and balsamic glaze

One of the things I love best about summer is bright fresh salads as entrees. It’s simply too hot to eat anything heavy. The fewer the ingredients the better--really let the produce sing.

The only challenge: I also want a meal that's satisfying. This stunning and delicious roasted mushroom salad is just the ticket to fill hungry bellies while remaining refreshing in the summer heat.

Roasted mushrooms are always a crowd-pleaser because they’re scrumptious and inexpensive. I love to serve this for brunch or as an evening party appetizer. They’re gorgeous presented on butcher block, slate or a cast iron griddle.

Roast the mushrooms on high heat, with a drizzle of olive oil. Their fragrance will dance in your kitchen and smell oh so gourmet!

One of the best aspects to this recipe is that the ingredients are variable. If your local market is out of brie or if it’s too expensive, try fontina or gruyere. Arugula can be substituted with any crisp salad greens, roasted asparagus or green beans.

Don’t have balsamic glaze? No worries--simply whisk 3 tablespoons each of balsamic vinegar and honey together and you’re good to go!


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